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Copy. Paste. You've got a list.

Do you get sent to-do lists in emails or messages? Ever wish you could cross those items off as you complete them? Alter converts that text into a to-do list for you.


Caption everything.

In a lot of ways Memed is like all those other apps that add captions, titles, snazzy effects, borders, and lens-flares to your pictures. Except it only adds captions.


Send reminders to your friends.

Don't want them to forget? Create a reminder to fire at the right time or place then send it to them using Nudg'em. Take control of your friends; if they need a reminder, Nudg'em.


Build the perfect speech.

How long do you want to talk for? What are the key elements of your speech? Does it sound good when you say it that way? PublicSpeakr helps you to build your speech one section at a time. Review it, tweak it, get it just right!